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People Need to Know! January 18, 2011

I’ve been working in the Donation Services department with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for five years and in all that time my Dad has never been able to remember who I work for and what I do while I’m there.

Last night he asked me again what I do on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. I was confused because I don’t work on the UW ccampus at all. Then I realized what he was really asking was what I did at work.

I explained that InterVarsity has missionaries on over 550 college campuses all over the United States. These missionaries take Jesus to the campus and tell college students and faculty how much He loves them. They have bibles studies and do talks and conduct outreaches and take students on missions trips to some of the poorest places on the earth and attend ballgames and concerts and eat lots of bad pizza and drink lots of strong coffee and some even have to fight for the right for their students to worship and be recognized on campus.  But they love those young adults with a passion that is only surpassed by the love of Jesus for us.

These incredible people have to raise their support (imagine only getting paid if all your friends and family agreed to send money in support of how well you do your job… that’s how brave and faithful these people are) and I work in the department that processes all these donations.

Dad wanted to know if there were any InterVarsity chapters on the campus I graduated from. I explained that Indiana Wesleyan and Taylor University don’t have chapters because they already have Jesus on campus. InterVarsity is about getting Jesus on those campuses who don’t know Him and need Him.

Dad paused then exclaimed, “That is fantastic! People need to know about this!”

You are right, Dad. They sure do.

If you want to support InterVarsity’s mission to “minister to students and faculty through small group Bible studies, large gatherings on campus, leadership training, thoughtful discipleship and life-changing conferences and events” please go here to learn more.


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