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The Loss June 6, 2014

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“Oh no! I’m never going to make it to work on time now!”

I just left the hospital on a Sunday afternoon to find that someone had parked horizontally behind my car and two others in the parking lot. I frantically called my Dad and asked him to take me to work and then go back to the hospital later and get my car from the parking lot. I emphasized to him that the lot was a private doctor office that would tow cars left there on Monday morning. He assured me he would take care of it and dropped me off at work.

Later when he picked me up, he told me he hadn’t had a chance to get the car but that we would get it in the morning before the doctor opened his office. As luck would have it, we were running late that morning, and we didn’t make it then and I had to go straight to work after classes. After work that evening we drove by the hospital and my car was not in the parking lot! I was beside myself. I was working two jobs to get myself through school. Paying the tow was not in my budget at the moment! I would just have to bum rides for the rest of life!

After three days of sulking and worrying and whining, my Mom finally walked me out the front door, down the sidewalk, stopped and said, “Tina, what do you see?”1978_Oldsmobile_98_Regency_sedan

My car! My beautiful, 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlas was sitting in front of the house. THE WHOLE TIME!!!!  I had been walking in and out the front door for three days and did not see that big hunk of black metal in front of the house!

They say love is blind… so is gullible.


One Response to “The Loss”

  1. janyasilad Says:

    Bahaahaha! I had moments like this, too.
    I overthink and fret only to find later
    that there’s nothing to be fretting about.;)

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