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I Miss You, Little Blog April 14, 2012

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I just realized that it has been eons since I’ve even thought about this little space I claimed as my own. It seems like life never slows down, not even a tiddly bit! So, while I have a few moments of unclaimed time, here is a quick update on what is happening in my little world:

We were here less than four weeks and someone rear-ended our car AND our house was burglarized… all in the same week!  Car damage ran about $900 and the thieves got away with about $3000 worth of things along with all of our medications. This is the fourth time in 15 years that someone has entered my home uninvited and made my life a little more dramatic (like I NEED more drama in my life!). I figure that four times is reason enough to splurge on a security system and the peace of mind it brings.

We are actively involved in The Salvation Army church in Hot Springs. Steve is running the audio/video each Sunday and is launching a new men’s ministry in the next couple of weeks. I filled the pulpit for two Sundays during Lent and I am helping lead worship. Steve and I were blessed to lead the church in a footwashing service. Soon, I will have the honor of leading a bible study with the young adults (ages 18-35) of the church. Oh, teaching! How I have missed you!

Big Man Cakes is trying to make its presence known in the community. We are making the cakes for The Salvation Army fundraising luncheon this week and we made some cakes for the Auxiliary bake sale last week. We saw a little food truck/trailer for sale and are dreaming of having a small cake shop with cupcakes and cakes somewhere with lots of traffic.

Steve has been dealing with some medical issues that are still not resolved and is looking at a surgery with a 6-8 month recovery time. Prayers for his health are greatly appreciated!

I am still praying about a ministry to those caught in sexual sin and pornography and what that looks like. I know this is God’s plan… but the specifics are still being fleshed out.

God is good.

Now you know what is going on with the Robinsons

What’s happening in your little corner of the world?


One Response to “I Miss You, Little Blog”

  1. thank you for the update – good to hear what’s happening, including the crap, of which you still seem to be getting much more than your fair share.

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