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Learning from Lynzi August 12, 2011

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I just got off the phone with the wisest and funniest eight year-old I know. I always pray that the time I get to spend with her (and any of my most awesome nieces and nephews) will be opportunities to talk about God and life and the art of being silly. What blows me away is when God uses the awesome nieces and nephews to teach Aunt Tina lessons about God and life and especially the art of being silly!

Here are a couple of snippets from our conversation:

Lynzi- (Telling me about King’s Island and going up to the top of the “Eiffel Tower”)- It was so awesome to be up that high and looking down!

Tina- Yikes! I am afraid of being up that high! I’m a scaredy cat!

Lynzi- Daddy is a scaredy cat too! But it was so awesome! I kept thinking how cool it would be to jump off!

Tina- Jump off? Are you serious??

Lynzi- No silly! It would be fun to jump but not so much fun to land! 


Lynzi (telling me about how she hates going to daycare in the summer)- I created a daycare upstairs with my stuffed animals.

Tina- Are you the teacher or the student?

Lynzi- Oh no! I am the student. Stuffed animal teachers are much nicer than real teachers.


Lynzi- (telling how Emma doesn’t play fair)- We were playing house and because I was playing the Mom I was the boss of the game so I told Emma she had to play the big sister, but Emma wanted to be the dog and I told her NO DOGS IN THE HOUSE but she wanted her and Grady to be the dogs so I made them a cage and they were the dogs. *she really did speak that in one breath!*

Tina- It sounds like that was a great decision. It can be good to let Emma be who she wants to be sometimes.

Lynzi- She can be who she wants to be when she is the Mom!


Lynzi- (Telling me about the toy horse she got for her birthday)- It’s the horse I always wanted! You can feed it a carrot, put on a saddle and a blanket, brush her hair, and I  named her… uh… I forgot.

Tina- That’s a weird name for a horse. Giddyup I Forgot!

Lynzi- (Laughing) That’s not her name!

Tina- I think you should name the horse Aunt Tina Is Awesome.

Lynzi- Whatever. 


Rambling Thoughts and Fingers

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I read in Vestal Goodman’s (my white hankie waving southern gospel hero) biograpy that when she and Howard started singing they had no piano player. She was desperate to learn and sat at the piano with her hands over the keys praying that God would give her the ability to start playing.  

Following in my idol’s footsteps, I sit here and look at a blank page, fingers over the keyboard, praying that God will give me the ability to type real words and real paragraphs with real thoughts.

So far, this is as good as it gets.

I think I’ll listen to Vestal for a while.


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