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Goober Cat July 21, 2011

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This is my baby. He has been with Steve and me for the full fifteen years of our marriage. We named him Goober because he kept running into doors and table legs and walls and then would give us a look like, “HEY! Who put that there?”

Over the years his name has morphed into a number of nicknames: Boo, Boo Cat, Goober Baby, Doober, Goob Goob, Boo Baby, Big Boy, and the Great White Hype.

The past couple of weeks my rambuncious, opinionated baby has become a very quiet , withdrawn, very sick kitty. He is jaundiced and is not eating or drinking. He has to go back to the vet in the morning for IVs and blood tests. It doesn’t look good.

Another goodbye.

Another loss.

Another broken heart.


You Quack Me Up July 15, 2011

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Today was a beautiful day of sitting at a picnic table at the water’s edge of Lake Mendota watching the ducks and the waves and the seaweed skimmers skim seaweed/green algae. *I once had a baptism service in this same lake. We had to make a path through the green algae so that when the ladies came up out of the water they didn’t come up with things dangling from their hair!*

This is one of my favorite spots to talk with and hear from God. There’s something about the water that calms my mind and heart and leaves me open to hearing what God has to say.

I started watching the waves on the lake, noticing the difference between the waves caused by the wind and those caused by the boats as they sped by. I thought about how those waves are like my life. The smaller waves reminded me of the everyday things that happen… an unexpected bill; a misunderstanding with someone I love; frustration with a co-worker; gaining three pounds; etc. Those larger waves reminded me of those things that tend to knock me around. The loss of a job. Being betrayed by someone I love. Losing my Mother-in-law, Bio-dad, Mom, step-Brother, and my Sister in the span of five years.

This verse came to mind: “But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.”~ James 1:6 (NLT)

I tend to have faith like Peter. I talk a good sermon and say that I will fight to the death for my Jesus. I jump out of the boat and start walking in places I’ve never been and couldn’t be if it wasn’t for God. Then I get distracted by the waves, freak out, start flailing and soon I’m going under. (Did I mention  I’m deathly afraid of deep water?)

Suddenly a boat went by and I remarked to God that I wish I was steadier on the water like that boat. Just pushing through those waves that were made before it and making waves for others who follow! The waves were no match for that boat!

And God spoke back. “My child, I love you. You already are like that boat. Speeding through the waves that come your way, and you just end up making more waves. Look at that duck in front of you. No matter the size of the wave, do you see him flailing and freaking out?  He is content to ride the wave and trust. He still gets to his destination, but without wasting all the energy. Tina, I want you to be the duck.”

 “Then Peter called to him, ‘Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.'”~ Matthew 14:28 (NLT)

May we all be ducks in the midst of the waves!



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