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Tina Tina Bo Bina May 7, 2011

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I grew up with a girl named Ralphetta. I know we all tortured her only because her name was different. We harassed her for a decision her parent’s made when she was born. Poor girl never had a chance in grade school and junior high. 😦

I should clarify here that Ralphetta was a great person with a different name. Unfortunately, as 6th graders, it is more cool to make fun of someone rather than focussing on their good qualities. I am ashamed to say that I am sure I didn’t make things easier for her. If I could go back as younger Tina with wiser Tina’s brain and heart, I would have found something rude to say back to me and to all of us who harrassed her.

Actually, I never liked my name growing up. I wanted to be a boy and Tina is so not a boy’s name! Boys got to play in the mud and play drums and baseball without anyone telling them to act like a young lady! Boo! Hiss!
Call me Tim already!

The story behind my name is that my Mom’s original plan was to name me Tina Marie. But my Dad wanted my name to be Tina Louise, after my Mom’s middle name (not after Ginger from Gilligan’s Island!). Mom used to say that while she was “out of it” after giving birth to me, Dad told the nurse my name was Tina Louise, and it was already on the birth certificate before she could object. (She got him back, though. Marie’s full name was Gina Marie.)

She used to say she got Tina and Gina from songs back in the day. I know Gina came from a Johnny Mathis single… and I always thought Tina came from Bobby Vinton. Thanks to Google, I’m not sure any more.

I can’t find a song by Bobby Vinton, but Frank Sinatra had a song “Tina Louise” recorded in 1960. I’ve not been able to find any other 60’s songs with the name Tina. Maybe Aunt Snap knows….

Your turn. How did you get your name?


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