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Brain Fart April 29, 2011

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I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes staring blankly at a blank screen. I want to write, don’t know what to write, or how to start writing. But I want something here.

Maybe if I start typing my thoughts I’l hit on something interesting:

We have over 300 channels and Steve seems to only watch the History channel and FOX.

I wish the sun would shine when I’m not working.

The new recliner looks fabulous! Now to get the old one out of the middle of the living room.

It’s freezing in here! Steve must have been born a polar bear!

I need to figure out the logistics of Bevly’s wedding cake.

I think it’s so cool that Gene camped out with Lynzi last night so they could get up early to watch the royal wedding. What a great “Daddy memory” she will have!

LeeAnne and Gene are incredible parents.

I think that picture frame is crooked.

Really? He’s watching a show about fish waste?

I give up. It’s not working.

I guess I’ll play Bejeweled.


2 Responses to “Brain Fart”

  1. LaShawn Says:

    Do you know what this is? This is freewriting. It’s very stream of consciousness, very good for brainstorming. Good job!

  2. Lyagushka Says:

    hey, Tina, don’t write this off, it was fun reading it. And maybe you could pick one of these unconnected bits and develop it? Maybe just close your eyes and put your finger somewhere on the screen to choose which bit. (unless you’d rather play Bejeweled, of course.)

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