Rediscovering Tina

There is life outside the pulpit

Pharisee Pastor April 26, 2011

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Today, I love being Pastor Tina.

Most days I prefer to be just Tina.

Today, I got to talk to a young couple about their wedding. They asked me to officiate because “you aren’t judgmental about the fact that we’ve been living together and you love gay people”. (The couple isn’t gay, but many of their friends are).

I found it ironic that they see this in me, because for so many years Pharisee Tina carried around a harsh set of standards everyone should meet… and beware the tongue lashing/guilt trip/cold shoulder for those who didn’t meet my religious standards!

*To all those reading this who were on the receiving end of Pharisee Tina, all I can say is please forgive me my stupidity.*

So, for this couple to say they see this kind of acceptance and love, dare I say, Jesus, in me, makes my heart extremely happy.

Maybe Pharisee Tina really is being replaced.

May it be so, Lord!


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