Rediscovering Tina

There is life outside the pulpit

The Great Depression April 11, 2011

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Desolate island of tears and lethargy
Enveloping the soul
Pretending so well that no one knows
Running from the darkness
Escape seems impossible, yet
Surrender is not optional
Sucked into a vortex of
Insecurity, grief, gluttony, and sadness
Ominous clouds may part
Not today


4 Responses to “The Great Depression”

  1. It’s a beautiful poem…and I understand just how you feel. Please keep reaching out to others. It will get better….eventually. You have a strong support system to help you through, lean on them.

    Love you! *HUG*

  2. And it will…pretty much forever. It’s just that those times will get fewer and further between. And during the in betweens you’ll be able to look back and smile at the love you shared and laugh at the fun you had with Marie.

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