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Brain Fart April 29, 2011

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I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes staring blankly at a blank screen. I want to write, don’t know what to write, or how to start writing. But I want something here.

Maybe if I start typing my thoughts I’l hit on something interesting:

We have over 300 channels and Steve seems to only watch the History channel and FOX.

I wish the sun would shine when I’m not working.

The new recliner looks fabulous! Now to get the old one out of the middle of the living room.

It’s freezing in here! Steve must have been born a polar bear!

I need to figure out the logistics of Bevly’s wedding cake.

I think it’s so cool that Gene camped out with Lynzi last night so they could get up early to watch the royal wedding. What a great “Daddy memory” she will have!

LeeAnne and Gene are incredible parents.

I think that picture frame is crooked.

Really? He’s watching a show about fish waste?

I give up. It’s not working.

I guess I’ll play Bejeweled.


Pharisee Pastor April 26, 2011

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Today, I love being Pastor Tina.

Most days I prefer to be just Tina.

Today, I got to talk to a young couple about their wedding. They asked me to officiate because “you aren’t judgmental about the fact that we’ve been living together and you love gay people”. (The couple isn’t gay, but many of their friends are).

I found it ironic that they see this in me, because for so many years Pharisee Tina carried around a harsh set of standards everyone should meet… and beware the tongue lashing/guilt trip/cold shoulder for those who didn’t meet my religious standards!

*To all those reading this who were on the receiving end of Pharisee Tina, all I can say is please forgive me my stupidity.*

So, for this couple to say they see this kind of acceptance and love, dare I say, Jesus, in me, makes my heart extremely happy.

Maybe Pharisee Tina really is being replaced.

May it be so, Lord!


The Great Depression April 11, 2011

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Desolate island of tears and lethargy
Enveloping the soul
Pretending so well that no one knows
Running from the darkness
Escape seems impossible, yet
Surrender is not optional
Sucked into a vortex of
Insecurity, grief, gluttony, and sadness
Ominous clouds may part
Not today


Blessings Galore April 9, 2011

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I’ve still been in a bit of a funk over Marie’s unexpected death, so I haven’t felt like I could start writing because I would start crying. Then the keyboard would get wet and I would be electrocuted. Tears and electricity are not a good combination!

Now I know there are those of you reading this and now you are talking to the screen as if I could hear you: “Tina! It’s okay to cry! Get it out! Have at it! Quit trying to hold it all in!” (See? I can hear you!)

It’s not that I can’t cry (I can) or that I won’t cry (I have). After a while you just get tired of crying. With all the losses I’ve experienced in the past five years if I cried every time I felt like it I would never do anything else but cry!

Instead, I choose to take God at his word that he can and will turn my mourning into dancing and that he can and will remove the sackcloth of grief and clothe me with joy.

One of the ways this happens is not to sit in my corner and focus on what I’ve lost, but to stand on my balcony and shout for all to hear that I am blessed beyond comprehension and Jesus loves even me!

Here are some more blessings in no particular order:

  • I have a beautiful home that I never imagined I would ever have.
  • I  got to tell a non-believer about the blessings of God today.

  • I get to decorate cakes… and people really like them.
  • I get to lead a bible study with the ladies in my department.
  • I was blessed by those same ladies with a wonderful gift of their words and love.
  • I am married to a man who makes me laugh until my sides hurt and he loves me even when I am completely unlovable.
  • I have four beautiful  nieces and nephews. I love you Adam, Angel, Lynzi and Elijah!
  • My sister, LeeAnne, is one of the most beautiful women I know… both inside and out.
  • My Dad keeps me laughing at his antics. I am so glad he is doing well.
  • ES- you are a tremendous blessing in my life. How did I ever get so lucky as to have you in my life?
  • I got to see Marie the week before she died. I thought I was going to see Tammy and Melissa, but God had other ideas.

    Your turn. What are you thankful for this day?

Five Annoying TV Characters April 4, 2011

Why yes. I am procrastinating. I should be working on my bible study for Thursday morning, but I am watching the NCAA finals (Go Butler!) and reading random blogs while doing the laundry.

And procrastinating.

One of the blogs I read tonight is Lunkia and Sika . They list the ten most annoying characters on television, but since I had to disagree with a few of their choices, I decided to make my own list while I sit here procrastinating. At leat I can say I accomplished something tonight!

My top five in no particular order:

Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) from Glee- Sure Rachel can sing, but must she scream every single note? It’s like listening to Adam Lambert in saddle shoes. Give Santana more solos!

Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) from How I Met Your Mother- is there any character more icky than Barney (you can’t mention Charlie Sheen/Charlie Harper… that’s a given!)? And why do his friends just sit by and watch those idiot women parade in and out of his pants?

Lt. Horatio Caine (David Caruso) from CSI: Miami- I’ve known a few policemen in my time and NONE of them ever remove their shades to make a pointless point. Really. Slow.

Russell Dunbar (David Spade) from Rules of Engagement- I can’t decide if I hate Russell because Russell is disgusting or because David Spade is disgusting. Either way…

 Your turn! Who did I miss?


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