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I Paid You for That? Part Deaux March 7, 2011

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Remember my bit of whining from a week or so ago about how I hate urgent care doctors? Hate may not even start to cover the range of emotions I experience with these “experts”. I have come to realize this is why my friend, Doyle always reminds me that they call them a doctor’s PRACTICE for a reason!

As you recall (if you don’t, you can read it here ), I went to urgent care at the urgent urging of my husband, father, co-workers and the neighbors who could hear me coughing up a lung every night, only to be told what I already knew. “Just wait it out”.

So, I waited it out and ended up at a different urgent care on Saturday because not only did I cough up a lung, but the rest of my organs were burning from the inside out due to the 101.8 temp I couldn’t shake. Coughing, wheezing, fever, aches, burning lungs and chest from the non-stop coughing. Yippee!

As Steve and I sat in the little room waiting for my chest x-ray results, I thought: “If they tell me to wait any longer I could be dead.” (I wonder if this was the plan all along?)

Enter urgent care practicer with this astute observation: “The x-rays are clear so far, but because you are obviously getting worse, there must be something more to it.”


Practicer told me that I could be on the cusp of pneumonia (Yes. Steve had his hand ready to put over my mouth so I could still say with a straight face that I was once a preacher!) so he gave me lots of antibiotics and codeine cough syrup which has put me to sleep for four days straight.  And guess what?

I am starting to feel better!

See there? All it took was waiting three weeks.


3 Responses to “I Paid You for That? Part Deaux”

  1. Posky Says:

    I had a nearly identical experience.

    “I’m coughing things up and am sick all the time. I can’t breathe. Help.”

    “Hmmm…. best wait it out.”

    Repeat three times until hospitalized and enter my hospital doctor: “Wow, you really should have seen a doctor before it got this bad!”

  2. nutbagger Says:

    It is an epidemic… same exact thing happened to me.

    Me and my wife both had ailments, and we both went to the urgent care, and we were both checked by the doctor.

    Both of us were told to “get lots of rest, drink lots of liquids and come back if it gets worse.”

    What does that equal?

    TWO doctors visits, TWO more weeks of sickness and… AND? TWO doctors bills.

    There IS a method to there practicing…

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