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I Paid You for That? February 25, 2011

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I’ve had a sore throat for seven days. The kind of sore throat with swollen glands that cause your ears to hurt. I feel like I’m walking and talking in a tunnel. Now I’m talking like a frog and hacking like a chain smoker.

I hate going to the urgent care  or the doctor even when I feel like crap because the doctors there always seem to dismiss whatever is going on. For instance, my right hip popped five times one winter while I was mowing the snow. Five very loud, painful pops. For a week afterward that hip hurt walking, sitting, lying, walking up stairs, whenever. When I went to the urgent care to have it looked at, the doctor stood in the door as I told her why I was there. Her response? “Why are you here? Just wait it out”. Then she walked out the door!

That is just one example of what has become common place for me. Have a migraine? Wait it out. Have a sinus infection? wait it out. Have a missing limb… you get my point.

So against my better judgment of just waiting out the sore throat, and at the insistance of my husband and the girls I work with, I went to the doctor on day five. Of course, my doctor was at another clinic, so I had to see one of the PA’s. She immediately ran a strep test that came back negative. 

Guess what I get to do?

Wait. It. Out.


3 Responses to “I Paid You for That?”

  1. I really do understand how you feel! Whenever I go to the doctor, thinking that I’m DYING, they always tell me…”Hmm…nothing we can do about that…hopefully it’ll just go away.” “Oh…and here’s a bill for $3,000, due by tomorrow, please.”

    It’s to the point where I just don’t go to the doctor anymore, which I know is not healthy either. LOL

    But, I do hope you’re feeling better!

  2. and there’s me telling myself off for having precisely that attitude: I tend to wait it out rather than go to the doctor, and I keep thinking I really should go…

    hope your throat is better soon. take care of yourself! drink lots of liquids.

  3. […] you recall (if you don’t, you can read it here ), I went to urgent care at the urgent urging of my husband, father, co-workers and the neighbors […]

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