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Hero Worship February 11, 2011

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Have I mentioned how much I love my job? The InterVarsity staff that serve students and faculty on college campuses amaze me with their faith in God and in others to support their mission. I am so blessed to be a part of their ministry and to give them good news about new donors and unexpected big gifts. To talk to their donors. To read their Facebook updates. To pray for them.

What tickles me the most is when I do something “easy” and they gush about how awesome I am for serving them! All I did was click a button! You are the ones out there teaching students how to study the Bible and praying with people and living on a hope and a prayer! YOU are the awesome ones!

Thank you for serving Jesus, my fellow co-workers. You are my heroes!


One Response to “Hero Worship”

  1. Lance Ponder Says:

    I still sing the theme to Greatest American Hero when I’m alone in the car. Hehehehe.

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