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Blizzards and Buttercream February 2, 2011

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Thank you InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for closing today! My house is clean, the laundry is caught up and the dishes are finally done because I have an extra eight hours this week!

You wouldn’t think that with two humans and two cats could make such a  mess, but with the plethora of cakes orders this week, everything else has gone by the wayside. I’ve been up until 1am two nights in a row decorating and rolling fondant and making flowers and watching bad George Lopez reruns. I told Steve the other night that it was a good thing I quit pastoring. This has almost become a second job… and I love it!

Steve just left for work (apparently the federal government can still get to work this afternoon) and I have five glorious hours by myself  to make more buttercream for another horse cake like the one above and to play in fondant and make more flowers and some decorations for a Superbowl cake for Steve’s office on Friday.

How are you using your snow day?


One Response to “Blizzards and Buttercream”

  1. Lance Ponder Says:

    I hate snow. Oh, its pretty and all. But I’m not 12 anymore. Snow Snow Go Away, Come Again to Another State.

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