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I Didn’t Know Scrubbing Bubbles Was Used for That! February 1, 2011

I have been known to so some pretty silly things in my life. The kind of things that, after the pain or embarrassment subsides, I stand back and think, “what WAS I thinking?” I refer to these events as Stupid Tina Tricks and they have been known to bring great joy and trigger fits of giggles to those who witness these spectacles. 

Case in point, Stupid Tina Trick #542.

After showering yesterday morning I grabbed the can of Scrubbing Bubbles and began spraying the shower walls so that I could rinse them after getting dressed. I began to spray the shower curtain while pulling it shut to get maximum coverage and cleaning. Unfortunately, I am also uncoordinated, so spraying and pulling at the same time was quite a task.

And it got the best of me.

The left hand was spraying. The right hand was pulling.

The right hand was pulling. The left hand turned ever so slightly inward.

The left hand sprayed Scrubbing Bubbles under my glasses and into my left eye!

Do you know how useless the instructions for washing out your eye if it comes in contact with said product are when your eye has just come in contact with said product?

Now that you are done laughing, you will be happy to know I can still see.

At least until the next incident.


6 Responses to “I Didn’t Know Scrubbing Bubbles Was Used for That!”

  1. Lance Ponder Says:

    It hurts to laugh so hard. You really do need to take it easy. Seriously tho, glad you’re okay.

  2. Cheryl Deal Says:

    LOL, Tina….are you left handed? That would be the only excuse for you trying to spray a can with you left hand. Otherwise, you were just asking for this! ;o)

    Glad you’re ok…….again. lol

  3. what I’m most impressed with is that you managed to squirt the stuff into your eye whilst wearing glasses!

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