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A Totally Clueless Post January 29, 2011

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I’ve had a fabulous day in which I woke up feeling human again and hubby was fixing breakfast. It apparently did a body good because I got a surge of energy that completed four loads of laundry, reorganized the food pantry and two cabinets, vacuumed all the carpets with my wonderful Dyson, mopped the kitchen and the bathroom,  moved a bookcase that has been in the wrong place since we moved in, washed all the bedding, and straightened out the closet. And I never had to leave the house! What a glorious day!

Some days I have so many words and thoughts running through my head that I can’t find enough ink to write them all down or enough time to type them all up. For the wannabe writer/preacher who dreams of regaling people with her little stories, this is a frustrating place to be in. So many things to say and no time to say them.

Tonight I have time and nothing to say. Something I started doing when I have trouble sleeping is just to write words. Sometimes I come across a word that triggers a thought that ends up being a whole paragraph and other times it’s just a list of words. Excuse me while I exercise my thought process (extra points for those who can figure out what the words have in common).

homicide  encounter  retrofit  tirade  encouragement  tinted  delicate  entertaining  grapevine  enjoyment  tyrannosaurus  sentimental longitude  everything  grape  eros  systemic  carrots  sushi  incubator  regenerate  eye extermination  nutmeg  growth  hyper removal  laughter  rain  naughty  yesterday  youngster  remitted  draining  grapefruit  terminal  liver  rancid  determination  never  replacement  typical  leery  yammer  red  dragnet  tepid  dastardly  yearling  gangrene  elephant  turtle  eggplant  treehouse  evergreen  nice  evenly  yours  seemingly  yearn  neatly  yule  emptiness  strength  hypersensitive  elongate  error  ration  needed  deliver  ram  massive  engagement  terminal  livid  delete  eatery  yikes  simple  eagles  stench  hummed  delivery  yen  neck  kicking  generation  numb  believable  entirety  yesterday  yellow  whiner  railroad  dipped  diaper  regurgitate  extra  applesauce  eager  relive  ragged  dumb  butter  rhythm  mastered  donuts  sensational  liquidate eradicate  evenly

Nope. Not a thing.


7 Responses to “A Totally Clueless Post”

  1. Lance Ponder Says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of good words. You know, if you use a bible search app you can plug in those words and see what verses pop up then expound on what you find. Its amazing what you can learn that way.

  2. of course they’ve got something in common…

    they’re all words in the English language.

  3. Cheryl Deal Says:

    Each word starts with the last letter of the word before it!! Man, I’m good! You should do a post of the three smartest people, and I should be number 1, since I’m clearly not funny enough!

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