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Three Funniest People January 28, 2011

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“It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously.” ~ Oscar Wilde

One of the things I love about life is laughter. If someone’s not laughing then we are all just taking things a bit too seriously. I believe that one of the gifts God gave me was to find humor in every day things and to help others laugh at those things along with me.

Is it any wonder that with as much as I love to laugh, God has placed even funnier people around me to keep me on my toes? Here are the three funniest people in my life:

Steve: My wonderful husband who is one big ball of goof. He is constantly surprising me with his wit and with the silly things he does. In fact, one of the first things I realized that made me crazy about him is his sense of humor. He has long conversations with the cat or with invisible people in McDonalds. He and the cat sing together. My favorite is when he clucks and walks like a chicken back and forth across a window just to get my reaction.

LeeAnne: My little sister has the quickest wit of anyone I know. It first became evident when she was four or five and she was “operating” on Bugs Bunny when she suddenly threw him behind the couch “because he died”. She has a comeback for every quip. She can put you in your place all the while cracking you up while she’s doing it. Even in dire situations, she has no idea how funny she is and how much she alleviates stress just by being herself.

 This is cheating, but ALL the ladies I work with (Lisa, Beth, Bev, Nou, Megan, Aggie, and Nan):  One of the reasons our team works is that we all play well together. There are people in our office who think we do nothing but goof around because there is so much laughter and giggling going on around here. What they don’t realize is that this is one of the qualities that makes us such a good team. We work well together because we laugh well together. Is it any wonder I LOVE going to work each day?

Who are funniest people in your life?


5 Responses to “Three Funniest People”

  1. oh, my husband also makes me laugh a lot, it’s one of the things I love about him. when we were engaged and I was living with my mum, we’d have these long chats on the phone (we were 2000 miles apart so face to face wasn’t an option) and I remember my mum saying to me the next day: are you marrying a clown? because she’d heard me laughing so much on the phone.

    he does great impressions of different accents, at the end of a meal when he goes to the kitchen to make my coffee and his tea, he’ll pretend to be a waiter – sometimes very posh English, sometimes Irish, sometimes American. he really gets into the role, it’s beautiful.

  2. Did you meet online? Hubby and I were snail mail pals when we met (only 860 miles away). WE would have those same silly conversations where someone at home would make some crack about Tina cackling in her room.

  3. Lance Ponder Says:

    My wife says she married me for my sense of humor. I think she married me because of her sense of humor.

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