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You Only Fail When You Fail to Get Back Up Again January 26, 2011

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Let’s see… that PostADay thingy lasted about five days! Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about posting. Let’s try this again.

I spent the night decorating a cake for a lady Steve works with. For my first time doing an extravagant/eclectic cake, I thought it turned out okay.

I woke up early this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. You know, that truck that comes by and hits you again and again for good measure. I crawled back into bed and prayed that I would make it to work because I had promised my wonderful friend, Dennis, that I would lead worship in chapel today, 1) because he asked; and 2) because he asked.

I made it to work and had someone pray that God would give me that hour to feel well enough to sing. I was able to carry a tune in a bucket and concentrate on listening to the Spirit. As soon as I sat down at my desk, someone said, “You look flushed. Are you running a fever?”

Why, yes. I am. And my throat hurts and my head is pounding and my body aches and…

And now I am going to sleep.


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