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Bucket List January 15, 2011

When I said I was going to Post-a-Day in 2011, I temporarily forgot how hard it is to write for 15 minutes with an empty mind! After searching around the Internet for some writing prompts, I decided to go with writing a bucket list.

I realized the other day that I am turning 45 this year. Both my grandmother and my Mom died when they were in their sixties, so I recognize that I could have only twenty years or so left on this earth! I reckon I’d better get busy!

1. Meet Colin Firth– of course if I do this too early, my little heart may just palpitate right out of my chest and it would no longer be viable for transplanting.

2. Visit England– this has always been a desire of mine. In fact, before I met Steve, I used to tell people my husband was in England and he was walking over. Of course, meeting Colin Firth while in England would be fabulous!

3. Attend an Indianapolis Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium before Peyton Manning retires– I was blessed to see Brett Favre play at Lambeau before he went stoopid and went Viking.

4. Become debt free– please, Lord.

5. Get back  down to my wedding day weight

6. Record an album with me singing

7. Playing the drums in a band

8. Watch and own every movie Colin Firth has done.

9. Decorating cakes bigger and better.

10. Become a traveling evangelist- every time I go to the movies I imagine standing on a stage talking to crowds of people about Jesus.

11. Visit every state in an RV with the hubby, Rick, Linda, Beth and LeeAnne.

12. Take an Alaskan cruise and see the whales

13. Work as a DJ

14. Start a women’s bible study

15. Go on a silent retreat

16. Have one of my songs recorded/produced/noticed by Bill Gaither

17. Learn to play guitar better

18. Take a song writing class

19. Write a book to encourage others that there is life beyond sex addiction and pornography.

20. Trace my family tree– which I can do once I am debt free and can afford all the websites that have all the info!

There’s twenty of mine… now tell me about your bucket!



5 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. Becki Says:

    My bucket list:

    1. Own my own business
    2. Personally meet Tom Petty
    3. Attend a weekly bible study group
    4. Get my massage therapist license
    5. Run a half marathon and raise money for the fight against obesity while doing so
    6. Go parasailing
    7. Go deep sea fishing
    8. Do a church mission in another country
    9. Volunteer my time as a companion at hospitals for people who have nobody to talk with, keep them company, or visit them
    10. Visit Ireland
    11. Visit Thailand
    12. Get married to a decent man who I have yet to meet (not even dating currently, lol)
    13. Own a big dog
    14. Go to a Red Sox game in Boston (and preferrably see them play the Brewers)
    15. Get back down to 12% body fat
    16. Relearn how to play the flute well
    17. Publish a book
    18. Personally meet Hugh Laurie
    19. Gain all of the self-confidence necessary to be comfortable completing life’s tasks that are critical to success
    20. Take a roadtrip to Montauk, NY
    21. Kayak and camp at Madeline Island on Lake Superior

  2. Lance Ponder Says:

    I have one bucket on the back porch and two in the garage. That’s my bucket list.

  3. Hmmm… food for thought here… watch this space. (or, rather, my other space… if I do this it’s going to be a contacts-only post.)

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