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Only An Hour to Live January 11, 2011

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The Post a Day topic today is about how I would use the last sixty minutes of my life if I found out that was all I had left of this life on earth.

I’ve always found this thought to be  bit of a conundrum. If there are things I would do differently because I knew that I only had an hour left to live, why the heck aren’t I doing them now… when, unbeknownst to me, the next sixty minutes really could be my last minutes on earth.

Maybe the better question would be just that… what are things I would do if I found out I had an hour to live that I should be doing now whether I have sixty minutes or sixty years left on this earth?

In no particular order:

1. I would repent of all my sins. I know this isn’t a popular notion, because no one wants to admit that they sin. I love to imagine that I have my act completely together and living like Christ. I am afraid that faced with my last sixty minutes I wouldn’t be so cocky about how awesome I think I am.

What this means now: Being aware of my own selfish heart and all the trouble it gets me into and keeping my accounts short.

2. I would forgive people. I have this self-righteous, judgmental Pharisee that comes out when I feel slighted or offended. How dare people be so rude! In the grand scope of eternity, what will it matter if I died being mad at you and you never knew?

What this means now: Who am I withholding forgiveness from and why is it so important that I continue?

3. I would show my husband I love him. Before your mind goes to the bedroom, let me remind you that sex does not love prove. I would listen to him… all the way to the end of each sentence. I know I jump into the middle of his sentences assuming that he means something he doesn’t and this tends to lead to some intense “conversations” in which I am more wrong than right but feel compelled to prove just the opposite.

I am always putzing and busy just to be busy when what I could really do is sit still and be still and just be with him.I would give him my undivided attention. I would rub his feet. I would listen to Neil Diamond with him… without making wise cracks (this would have to be a desperate act of love!). I would tel him over and over and over how much he means to me and why. I would pray for him.

What this means now: I’d better get busy!

4. I would thank those who have made me who I am and loved me anyway!

What this means today: THANK YOU!

Now it’s your turn… what would you do?


4 Responses to “Only An Hour to Live”

  1. heavyrevvies Says:

    Just checking the comment section.

  2. Bill Sparks Says:

    I’d play golf!

  3. Lance Ponder Says:

    Wow. Now there’s a lot of honesty there. I’m kind of afraid to take this challenge myself – ~_*

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