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A Totally Clueless Post January 29, 2011

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I’ve had a fabulous day in which I woke up feeling human again and hubby was fixing breakfast. It apparently did a body good because I got a surge of energy that completed four loads of laundry, reorganized the food pantry and two cabinets, vacuumed all the carpets with my wonderful Dyson, mopped the kitchen and the bathroom,  moved a bookcase that has been in the wrong place since we moved in, washed all the bedding, and straightened out the closet. And I never had to leave the house! What a glorious day!

Some days I have so many words and thoughts running through my head that I can’t find enough ink to write them all down or enough time to type them all up. For the wannabe writer/preacher who dreams of regaling people with her little stories, this is a frustrating place to be in. So many things to say and no time to say them.

Tonight I have time and nothing to say. Something I started doing when I have trouble sleeping is just to write words. Sometimes I come across a word that triggers a thought that ends up being a whole paragraph and other times it’s just a list of words. Excuse me while I exercise my thought process (extra points for those who can figure out what the words have in common).

homicide  encounter  retrofit  tirade  encouragement  tinted  delicate  entertaining  grapevine  enjoyment  tyrannosaurus  sentimental longitude  everything  grape  eros  systemic  carrots  sushi  incubator  regenerate  eye extermination  nutmeg  growth  hyper removal  laughter  rain  naughty  yesterday  youngster  remitted  draining  grapefruit  terminal  liver  rancid  determination  never  replacement  typical  leery  yammer  red  dragnet  tepid  dastardly  yearling  gangrene  elephant  turtle  eggplant  treehouse  evergreen  nice  evenly  yours  seemingly  yearn  neatly  yule  emptiness  strength  hypersensitive  elongate  error  ration  needed  deliver  ram  massive  engagement  terminal  livid  delete  eatery  yikes  simple  eagles  stench  hummed  delivery  yen  neck  kicking  generation  numb  believable  entirety  yesterday  yellow  whiner  railroad  dipped  diaper  regurgitate  extra  applesauce  eager  relive  ragged  dumb  butter  rhythm  mastered  donuts  sensational  liquidate eradicate  evenly

Nope. Not a thing.


Three Funniest People January 28, 2011

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“It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously.” ~ Oscar Wilde

One of the things I love about life is laughter. If someone’s not laughing then we are all just taking things a bit too seriously. I believe that one of the gifts God gave me was to find humor in every day things and to help others laugh at those things along with me.

Is it any wonder that with as much as I love to laugh, God has placed even funnier people around me to keep me on my toes? Here are the three funniest people in my life:

Steve: My wonderful husband who is one big ball of goof. He is constantly surprising me with his wit and with the silly things he does. In fact, one of the first things I realized that made me crazy about him is his sense of humor. He has long conversations with the cat or with invisible people in McDonalds. He and the cat sing together. My favorite is when he clucks and walks like a chicken back and forth across a window just to get my reaction.

LeeAnne: My little sister has the quickest wit of anyone I know. It first became evident when she was four or five and she was “operating” on Bugs Bunny when she suddenly threw him behind the couch “because he died”. She has a comeback for every quip. She can put you in your place all the while cracking you up while she’s doing it. Even in dire situations, she has no idea how funny she is and how much she alleviates stress just by being herself.

 This is cheating, but ALL the ladies I work with (Lisa, Beth, Bev, Nou, Megan, Aggie, and Nan):  One of the reasons our team works is that we all play well together. There are people in our office who think we do nothing but goof around because there is so much laughter and giggling going on around here. What they don’t realize is that this is one of the qualities that makes us such a good team. We work well together because we laugh well together. Is it any wonder I LOVE going to work each day?

Who are funniest people in your life?


You Only Fail When You Fail to Get Back Up Again January 26, 2011

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Let’s see… that PostADay thingy lasted about five days! Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about posting. Let’s try this again.

I spent the night decorating a cake for a lady Steve works with. For my first time doing an extravagant/eclectic cake, I thought it turned out okay.

I woke up early this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. You know, that truck that comes by and hits you again and again for good measure. I crawled back into bed and prayed that I would make it to work because I had promised my wonderful friend, Dennis, that I would lead worship in chapel today, 1) because he asked; and 2) because he asked.

I made it to work and had someone pray that God would give me that hour to feel well enough to sing. I was able to carry a tune in a bucket and concentrate on listening to the Spirit. As soon as I sat down at my desk, someone said, “You look flushed. Are you running a fever?”

Why, yes. I am. And my throat hurts and my head is pounding and my body aches and…

And now I am going to sleep.


Why Do Today What You Can Put Off ‘Til Tomorrow? January 20, 2011

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Let me start by saying that I have the gift of procrastination. Seriously. I hit the snooze button on the alarm at least three times every morning (even more if Steve hasn’t caught on!). I arrive everywhere in just the nick of time. I study for tests the night before. I prepare sermons on Friday night. I go to the dentist after the tooth has rotted out of my head. *For the sake of clarification, the tooth just hurts at the moment.*

The point is… (see? I even procrastinate on making my point!) I. put. off . everything.


The put-off biggies in my world right now are quiet times and exercise. I’ve already figured out that I COULD do both at the same time (read and pray while walking on the treadmill), but I haven’t done one, let alone both.

Part of my reason for resigning from the pastorate and not seeking another church was so I could spend some time on my face before God and in scripture to figure out what He wants from me and for me. I felt like I was always running to God to get something, anything, for another sermon. I was always studying… but never just to spend time with God. It was always about another weekly performance test and passing that test. Preaching had become more about doing than being.

So my big ‘ol plan was to fall in love with scripture all over again as I did manuscript studies and read all the cool books by all the cool authors who knew all the cool things that I had no clue about. I planned to have all the time in the world to just sit and be.

Apparently, cool is not the only thing I am clueless about.

What I am doing is filling my time stuffing my face while I sit on my ever- expanding Brazil. I’ve gained 15 of the 55 pounds it took me three years to lose.  How I could let myself slip back into these patterns is just insane and just plain pisses me off.

Not only do I know what to do, but I know that my entire family is one ginormous diabetic heart attack. Bio-Dad had congestive heart failure and diabetes. Mom died with congestive heart failure, diabetes and renal failure. Grandma had strokes. My uncle and paternal grandparents all had diabetes and heart problems. My sister has congestive heart failure, diabetes and renal failure.

The common denominator here is that Marie and I are the only ones still living.

I complained that it was too cold to walk outside (we do live in the frozen tundra) and that it was too expensive to keep up my membership at the gym. So God plants us in a gorgeous new apartment in a gorgeous complex with a FREE mini-gym. Outside my door. Fifty yards away. Guess how many times I’ve been in there in three months?

Because whiners drive me crazy, I just need to get up and get going.

Right after I hit the snooze again.


People Need to Know! January 18, 2011

I’ve been working in the Donation Services department with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for five years and in all that time my Dad has never been able to remember who I work for and what I do while I’m there.

Last night he asked me again what I do on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. I was confused because I don’t work on the UW ccampus at all. Then I realized what he was really asking was what I did at work.

I explained that InterVarsity has missionaries on over 550 college campuses all over the United States. These missionaries take Jesus to the campus and tell college students and faculty how much He loves them. They have bibles studies and do talks and conduct outreaches and take students on missions trips to some of the poorest places on the earth and attend ballgames and concerts and eat lots of bad pizza and drink lots of strong coffee and some even have to fight for the right for their students to worship and be recognized on campus.  But they love those young adults with a passion that is only surpassed by the love of Jesus for us.

These incredible people have to raise their support (imagine only getting paid if all your friends and family agreed to send money in support of how well you do your job… that’s how brave and faithful these people are) and I work in the department that processes all these donations.

Dad wanted to know if there were any InterVarsity chapters on the campus I graduated from. I explained that Indiana Wesleyan and Taylor University don’t have chapters because they already have Jesus on campus. InterVarsity is about getting Jesus on those campuses who don’t know Him and need Him.

Dad paused then exclaimed, “That is fantastic! People need to know about this!”

You are right, Dad. They sure do.

If you want to support InterVarsity’s mission to “minister to students and faculty through small group Bible studies, large gatherings on campus, leadership training, thoughtful discipleship and life-changing conferences and events” please go here to learn more.


Golden Globes January 16, 2011

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Anyone who knows me knows I was cheering for one category and one person in that category…

COLIN FIRTH won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role as King George VI in “The King’s Speech“. Beautiful movie!

If you haven’t seen it yet… run!



Bucket List January 15, 2011

When I said I was going to Post-a-Day in 2011, I temporarily forgot how hard it is to write for 15 minutes with an empty mind! After searching around the Internet for some writing prompts, I decided to go with writing a bucket list.

I realized the other day that I am turning 45 this year. Both my grandmother and my Mom died when they were in their sixties, so I recognize that I could have only twenty years or so left on this earth! I reckon I’d better get busy!

1. Meet Colin Firth– of course if I do this too early, my little heart may just palpitate right out of my chest and it would no longer be viable for transplanting.

2. Visit England– this has always been a desire of mine. In fact, before I met Steve, I used to tell people my husband was in England and he was walking over. Of course, meeting Colin Firth while in England would be fabulous!

3. Attend an Indianapolis Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium before Peyton Manning retires– I was blessed to see Brett Favre play at Lambeau before he went stoopid and went Viking.

4. Become debt free– please, Lord.

5. Get back  down to my wedding day weight

6. Record an album with me singing

7. Playing the drums in a band

8. Watch and own every movie Colin Firth has done.

9. Decorating cakes bigger and better.

10. Become a traveling evangelist- every time I go to the movies I imagine standing on a stage talking to crowds of people about Jesus.

11. Visit every state in an RV with the hubby, Rick, Linda, Beth and LeeAnne.

12. Take an Alaskan cruise and see the whales

13. Work as a DJ

14. Start a women’s bible study

15. Go on a silent retreat

16. Have one of my songs recorded/produced/noticed by Bill Gaither

17. Learn to play guitar better

18. Take a song writing class

19. Write a book to encourage others that there is life beyond sex addiction and pornography.

20. Trace my family tree– which I can do once I am debt free and can afford all the websites that have all the info!

There’s twenty of mine… now tell me about your bucket!



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